Migrating to SharePoint 2010 – Some thoughts

With Microsoft SharePoint 2010 approaching for official release on May 12th 2010 (earlier for MSDN, SA, VL licenses), businesses are already looking at how we can easily migrate to 2010.

So is it just click and install? Or are any special arrangements needed? Yesterday, we tested one of our custom extension packs on the new platform (RC).
There is some good news and some bad news 😉 The good news is that features contained in the WSP pack were installed without a problem. The bad news is that some of the features in the pack introduced problems when activated.

Basically, all standard features, like content types, document libraries, list definitions and site definitions worked without a problem. Also the eventhandlers attached were also correctly attached in 2010.
So far so good. Features that were dependant on the 12 hive (for whatever reason, it is obviously not good practice) have a problem as the 12 hive is now called 14 😉

The features that did not work upon install were those that were dependant or interacted with Shared Service Provider components. As the architecture behind these are complete different in SharePoint 2010, I did not expected it to work without a fight anyway 🙂 The move to Service Applications, where the individual components of the Shared Service Provider were disconnected and isolated, caused several of my features to fail, as they could not find the Shared Service Provider. Also, some of the classes used for UserProfiles are now deprecated and replaced.

Another thing I noticed was that when I created a document library from my installed doc lib definition, it would be created, but function like the 2007 version. The row selection, checkboxes and 2010 look and feel were not available, meaning that the xml definition also needs an upgrade if you fully want to utilize the 2010 functions.

In short, some actions are indeed needed, before one could easily move to 2010. For standard sites though, that do not contain any drastic customizations, it is failry easy, using the content database attach method.

Nice day everone!

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