7 thoughts on “The Managed Metadata Service (MMS)”

  1. well, using the csv file how can i add a Term value in different languages
    for example i want the Sales term value in English and Arabic?

    ,,1025,TRUE,,”Sales Arabic”,,,,,,

    but it didn’t work, it created a new term

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  3. Hi, its pretty usefl for people who wanna explore on taxonomy part of SP 2010,
    Thanks for u r post , nice article.

  4. Hi Patrick,

    Great post! However, I’m having a few issues that you might be able to help with.

    My feature is activated on site provisioning.

    When I call CreateGroup on my TermStore, I get an exception saying that the current user does not have permissions to do this.

    When my feature is activated manually via stsadm, it works fine.

    So I gave my application pool account permissions on the managed metadata service via central admin, but it still fails on deployment.

    Any suggestions?



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