11 thoughts on “Content Type Syndication (Publishing)”

  1. Hi Patrick
    Nice post. Thanks.
    Did you already solved the issue to force the syndication/subscription of a content type by code instead of doing it manually?
    Our situation is, that we create new site collections and we need some published content types in it. But at the time of the site creation, the syndicated content types are still missing, as we would have to wait for the syndication timer job to run…

    Thanks for a short response

    1. I have not done it through code yet. The past time has been very busy for me, so not much time to play around with SP 2010. However, as the timer job is fixed, you could trigger the job to run from code, instead of the UI. Could be worth an investigation.

  2. Patrick,

    Thanks for the post! I could use some clarification if you have the time.

    I have a content type in my hub with a workflow attached to it. If I copy the workflow and deploy and activate it to a syndicated site collection *prior* to publishing the content type in the hub, should the syndicated site collection then be able to use the content type and workflow?

    1. Hi Jenny,

      The syndication works for content types, fields and the workflow associations. It does not work for the workflow itself.

      So, if the target site collection (not the hub) has the workflow installed and activated (so available), then when the content type with the associated workflow is syndicated, it should work.

      Hope this answers your question.


  3. Great Article.
    I created a work flow which is initially associated in the hub with the contenttype.
    the same i made as an wsp and activated at a subscribing site.I am getting error , do i need to re-associate the workflow with the content type at the subscribed location?how will i do this.

  4. Have you ever seen it where the content type successfully syncs to a site collection, but when you apply that content type to a list, the custom fields are not available?

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