5 thoughts on “Managing Taxonomy remotely”

  1. Hmmm – one thing I want to find out is if the webservice is accessible directly, i.e. is there a WSDL exposed which I can use to do a literal SOAP call?

  2. Hi patrick,

    I want to Add terms using taxonomyclientservice.asmx from a remote asp.net web app. I am using Sharepoint online in behind. But the AddTerms webservice method returning null everytime. How to do this for O365 / SP Online app. In our scenario i cant host any webservice. So what will be the solution any idea? thanks in advance..

    1. I guess your problem is caused by security, although I am not sure. Please note that for the cloud version of SharePoint, a lot of additional rules apply in the usage and extension of SharePoint.
      One of the limitations for example is that you are not allowed to manage service applications that came out of the box just like that.

      Have you tried to add the term to the site collection, instead of the service application?


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