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Upgrading SP 2010 solutions to SP 2013 with resources in _layouts

As SharePoint 2013 is making it way to the developers, solutions get upgraded to SharePoint 2013.

One of the things people encountered is issues with javascripts and images when upgrading their solutions.
Thanks to Keith Tuomi, I will post the source of the problems here.

SharePoint 2013 offers the ability to be compatible with SharePoint 2010. In short, this means that a lot of features are ‘double’, one of which is the special reference in IIS to the _layouts folder.

In SharePoint 2013, the reference to the 15 hive is “_layouts/15” and NOT “_layouts”. Instead, “_layouts” points to the 14 hive.

In short, if you have resources and code relying on server side code and mappings, make sure you update the references to these files to point to the correct virtual directory!

Thanks to Keith for this information.

Migrating to SharePoint 2010 – Some Thoughts Part 2

This week, we got one of our customized applications from SharePoint 2007 to work on a SharePoint 2010 machine. As as described in my previous post this does not go without problems. We tried the content database move method, meaning we made a backup of one of our 2007 content databases and restored that database on the 2010 SQL server.

We then attached the database to the SharePoint 2010 farm by using the following command:

stsadm -o addcontentdb -url http://sp2010 -databasename SP2007_Content_DB -preserveolduserexperience true

This command will initiate an upgrade of the database. Once upgraded, the sites are accessible from SharePoint 2010. There are a couple of things we noticed when we restored sites this way.

1. We can upgrade their look and feel using the Visual Upgrade settings from the site settings menu. This will however overwrite any custom look and feel you might have enabled for your site.
2. Document libraries that came out of the box in the 2007 site will easily migrate to 2010, including all its features, like multiple select and the ribbon interaction. However, custom document libraries based on their own shema.xml, will continue to have the 2007 functionality, even if visually upgraded. So the multiple select, ribbon interaction and so on will not work in these libraries. They are usable though, but not with all 2010 features.

Prior to this exercise, we needed to make sure all necessary code and customizations were installed on the system. But our solution that created our own look and feel (like custom master pages and stylesheets) really messed up the entire environment. I would enable alright, but your site would be crippled. Worst thing though, it would not reset to its original setting, meaning our site was dead in the water. So be very carefull when upgrading to 2010 with visual elements like master pages and layouts.