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Native VHD boot from external harddisk using Win7

Like many of us out there, I like the use of virtual servers for testing, research and developement. It keeps my host OS clean, but also gives me the opportunity to leverage the hardware of my machine to the full extend, except for the disk virtualization.

The possibility of Windows 7 to native boot VHD images is great, if not a blessing. I never want to move back to VPC or VMWare. The only downside was that it was hard to boot an image from an external harddisk (USB). I say hard, because I simply did not know how to make that work. But it should be possible.

Cut a long story short, using the following article described here by Mark Wilson, you can modify the windows installationin the VHD to allow booting from USB. It takes a lot of command line commands, but in the end, it works! Thanks Mark!