Windows Surface Tablet – Windows 8 rules

Well, it has been a long time since I wrote a blog post. Various reasons, but most of all just work. We work a lot 😉

That said, exciting times coming up with Wave 15 just around the corner. But MS announced something else today, the new Windows Surface Tablet!

Sure, many will say, too little, too late, too much haging between two worlds, but I must say, after some real life demonstrations on comparable devices (Samsungs primarily) I am convinced.

It now truly becomes a full replacement for the laptop that combines all the freedom, but also offers the easy of use of Tablets these days.
With common stuff like an App Store (but then better with area’s you can make specific for your company), thin layout, capabilities to connect stuff like mouse, monitor, usb support, good Wifi, integration in office networks, side loading, pen support, good graphics, lightweight, your own software, touch or type keyboard attached, stand to avoid a docking station and obviously touch support, it almost sounds to good to be true.

Several colleagues have already replaced their laptop with a Samsung based Win 8 device and never want to go back. And these guys run Visual Studio on their tablet!

So view this announcement video and be impressed! Give me one when it is out!